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Why Do Those In Pairs Often Hold Hands?


Whether it’s when watching a movie, taking a leisurely walk, or just meeting up again, you and your partner must have held hands at that moment. But why do we like holding hands with a partner? There are several reasons, ladies.

  1. Relieve stress
    You are watching a horror movie, and suddenly the monster comes out. Hiiii, what reaction do ladies usually do? If you are again with your partner, you will automatically hold his hand right? Now that’s because you’re stressed out and looking for comfort, Ladies.

According to clinical psychologists, Dr. James Coan, this is instinctive behavior. Whoever you are, from whatever culture you come from, in times of stress then you hold your partner’s hand, your stress level will decrease, Ladies.

  1. Acupuncture points on hand
    There is an acupuncture point in the area between the index and thumb. This area is called hegu, pressing this area can reduce pain such as headaches, toothaches, or sinus problems. So when you hold hands, this point is depressed and relieves the pain that you feel.
  2. Because the hand is sensitive
    The hand has several nerves and receptors. Ever accidentally held a hot object? Not until a second you immediately feel the heat right? Because that sensitive hand, of course, would be nice if held by someone you like.
  3. Touching is a form of communication
    Touching is a form of indirect communication, Ladies. When you touch someone’s hand, you will send an emotional signal to that person. According to research, a person is able to correctly guess their partner’s emotions when they hold hands more than 75%. So if your partner is upset again then you are confused about what is happening, maybe you can hold his hand, Ladies. But you must partner yourself, not someone else’s partner.
  4. From birth, humans like to hold hands
    The instinct that a newborn baby does is to hold our fingers close to him. So it was innate from the birth of this Ladies desire to hold the hand.
  5. Make your hands warm
    Skin contact or contact is indeed one way to stay warm. If your hands are cold and forget to bring gloves, you can hold your partner’s hand, Ladies.
  6. As a statement
    Holding hands is a statement that you and your partner have a special relationship. This is also a sign that you and your partner are not ashamed of your relationship and are comfortable being called “partners”. So if in a Korean drama and the main character’s girlfriend doesn’t want to hold hands, the main character must be angry, Ladies.


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