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Tips For Overcoming Anger


We all certainly have felt feelings of anger, ladies. A normal condition when there are certain things that are not in accordance with what we expect, feel unjust, disappointment arises, a confused mind comes. As a result anger becomes one thing that comes out naturally both consciously and out of our control.

What’s dangerous about this anger is when we actually do or say something we don’t really think. It only takes a few seconds before we finally realize and regret it. But, indeed when angry all things often become out of control. This is what we have to overcome, Ladies. Do not let our anger actually end in bad things that we can not fix later on.

Getting angry isn’t always bad, ladies. Of course it is with the record that we must be able to control our anger. Here are some tips you can do to recognize your anger and begin to control it. So, things that we don’t want can be minimized properly. Come on ah, consider the following tips!

  1. Know the anger you experience
    It’s important to recognize the anger you experience. What usually makes you angry? Where were you when you were angry? Who makes you angry? Write all of this down. So, when your anger comes back later you can see this note and reflect on yourself. Usually we don’t even realize that we’re angry until one of your things is damaged or broken. However, if you know the circumstances that trigger your anger, you can avoid it or prepare yourself.
  2. Avoid triggers anger
    When you have recognized things that usually can make you angry, of course you can avoid that. There are many people who still think that they cannot avoid the cause of their anger. Even if you can’t avoid the cause of your anger, try your best to reduce the impact.
  3. Train our minds
    Try to sit down, close your eyes, then take a deep breath. Train our minds by trying to imagine something that makes us feel angry. Get a clear picture in your head. Make it as real as possible, the events that occur in front of you. Then, when the anger has come try to calm your mind calmly. Train your mind to see it objectively without judging it good or bad, right or wrong. Don’t try to change it. Instead, be open to the experience, regardless of whether you like it or not.
  4. Describe the circle of problems that make you angry
    Anger produces physical, thought and behavioral changes. In turn, these physical, thought and behavioral changes will increase our anger. Have you ever experienced anything like when you started working, angry thoughts come, and those thoughts only strengthen Ladies negativity? Physically your breathing becomes shallow, cognitively you begin to judge and blame, and behaviorally you may begin to clench your fists. Yep, exactly, that’s how anger comes.

So, when you start seeing these signals, before a series of problems makes things worse, you can prevent them by intensifying emotions and giving yourself more time to control your feelings. Thus, a series of problems that can make you angry can be broken down and you can overcome your anger.

Well, those are some things you can do to overcome Ladies’ anger. Try practicing from now on!


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