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Tips For Living A Boarding Life For An Introvert


Life in college is certainly full of new friends and new experiences. For most people, undergoing the transition to being a student with his new life becomes something fun and challenging. However, if you are an introverted personality, maybe going through all this new stuff isn’t that fun. The reason is, people with introverted personalities usually prefer to have more time alone. Not always happy to be alone, but spending a lot of time with lots of people usually actually makes them get tired quickly.

You who are used to having time to be alone will feel that life in the hostel is not as easy as most people face. Dormitory life involves many interactions, from sharing rooms, lectures, study groups, social activities, even living arrangements.

If you are someone who has never shared a room before, it can be very surprising. What should you do when there are strangers in the same room with you most of the time? Of course, these things are not trivial matters for those of you who tend to be introverted and aloof.

And that can lead to strained relationships between roommates. “Something that can exacerbate the potential for conflict is if students already feel crowded and are hampered by a close environment,” he said.

Well, for those of you who have introverted personalities and find it difficult to live in a dormitory, here are some tips and approaches that can help you deal with the problem of interacting with roommates. These tips can avoid things that have the potential to cause long-term discomfort and interfere with your college activities, Ladies. Come on, listen!

  1. Find a Suitable Friend
    First, start by trying to find a roommate that you feel suits your personality. You can start honestly about your needs and the introversion you have to make the situation more comfortable going forward.
  2. Clarify Who You Are
    Jessica Velasco, a college admissions officer who is an advisor, writes at JLV College Counseling, a free source of information for students and parents, that it’s important to show who you are. “You don’t want your roommate to think that you are hiding alone in a room all day, right?” He said. “Make them aware of your interests and hobbies, they might begin to understand why you like to spend time alone.”
  3. Schedule a Time to Be Alone
    Discuss with your roommate that you have the need to spend time alone. Schedule this time so your roommates know when you can interact and when you have to respect each other’s time.
  4. Establish Common Rules
    According to Velasco, clear boundaries must be made in advance “Set special quiet hours, study hours, TV hours or acceptable hours for guest arrival,” he wrote. “Discuss this problem with your roommate to make a plan that suits you two.” This one might be very important for introverts, who often need parameters for their personal space and who is allowed into it.
  5. Respect the Space and Time You Have
    According to Ryan Predieri, a University of Oklahoma student who writes a blog about campus life and writes posts about introverted guides for living in a dormitory, introverts must make use of the time alone they can get. Even if you get those moments while washing your hair. “Chances are, the only time you will be alone is when you take a shower,” he wrote. “Take the time to relax and enjoy solitude. I personally take the longest shower of anyone I know, so obviously I appreciate my bath time, “he wrote.


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