Tips For Introverts When Working In Teams

Carl Jung. The three personalities are introverted, extroverted, and ambiverted. An extrovert is someone who likes to do social interaction, introverts tend to prefer to be alone, while ambiverts are a combination of the two in a balanced way.

For those of you who are introverts, working in a team especially in a work environment can be tiring and draining energy. You can work around this with the following tips, Ladies.

  1. Allocate time to “time”
    It is important for an introvert to have time alone to recharge or recharge their energy. You can do it at work, for example, by taking advantage of lunch time outside while enjoying the view. Or take a leisurely walk alone while listening to your favorite playlist.
  2. Know the structure in your environment
    When you know what you will face that day, you will more easily manage your energy and make you calmer. Ask your upcoming meeting agenda so you can prepare ideas or ideas that can explore your potential without draining your energy as an introvert.

Make sure your work and the work of people related to you run as smoothly as possible by making clear division of tasks and deadlines .

  1. Join introverts in your team
    Discussing with fellow introverts about how to manage their daily lives can be very helpful you know, Ladies. You can also ask for extroverted friends who you can trust can give good feedback for yourself.
  2. Talk to your boss
    An introvert is easier to talk one on one than many opponents like in a meeting. Talk to your boss to give everyone time to talk, not just extroverts.
  3. Feedback is important
    Maybe you will feel uncomfortable, but asking for feedback about your performance to colleagues that you value competently will be very helpful, Ladies. Besides that, by asking for feedback you will know how you have progressed so far.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help if you really need it, Ladies. You are as valuable as your extrovert colleagues. You need to compromise and work with Ladies, especially in the work environment. Hopefully the tips were helpful huh.

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