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Tips For Expressing Love Relationships With Parents


No matter how close a person is to his parents, it will still be difficult to express his love life. The reason is, no matter how open the minds of parents, they still have expectations or hopes for what kind of person you are dating. This of course, will greatly affect how the response of the love story that you will tell them. You’re lucky if the person you’re dating is someone who fits their criteria, but what if not? Even so, telling the truth to your parents about the person you’re dating still needs to be done, right? So , for you who are having a hard time in this situation, don’t worry, Ladies. Reporting from EliteDaily, there are some tips that you can apply when you are dealing with your parents. Let’s check this out, Ladies!

Face to face communication
To avoid misunderstandings that often occur from communication through technology, then, one of the most effective ways is to have a face-to-face conversation. With face-to-face conversation, you can express your opinion more optimally accompanied by a supportive expression. This can prevent and reduce miscommunication.

This is agreed by licensed marriage and family therapist and multicultural couples specialist , Melody Li. Melody stated that with face-to-face communication, all information can be conveyed in full. “The face-to-face conversation will give all parties a lot of information. Good information is fun to scary, depending on the family’s communication style, “he explained. In addition, face-to-face communication can also trigger empathy from both parties. That way the results obtained are better than communication mediated by technology.

The Right Location of Communication
Another important factor in starting an important conversation related to conveying your love life to parents is the right location. Choose a location that is comfortable and provides a sense of security on both sides, so that both parties can express their opinions calmly, such as for example the family room in the parents’ house.

“If someone intends to have a face-to-face conversation, but is concerned about breaking the line, then, consider having a conversation in the ‘neutral’ area, where both parties have the same reasons and can regulate emotions, such as in the park,” Li suggested.

Reveal the Reasons Your Spouse Is the Right Person
It’s easier for families to accept your partner when they know how much your partner means to you. In this case, you not only need to explain your partner’s identity in detail, but also several important factors that reinforce the big difference between him and others for your life.

Anne Beverly, a Bluebird Counseling Center counselor , Anne Beverly, suggested, before you have a direct conversation with your family, first make sure your feelings and readiness yourself. “Ask yourself a few questions, such as ‘What did this person do for me?’, Then ‘Why can this person be relied on in difficult times?’, ‘Explain why I chose to bring this person into my life?'” , says Beverly. The reason is, it will be difficult for parents to accept people who do not clearly seem to care about you.

Express Your Desires From Your Parents Directly
Knowing what you and your partner want to achieve from this conversation with your parents is an important thing you should not miss. The reason is, for Li, this can be a clearer direction for the conversation. “If you want support, tell your family, ‘I want your support’. No need to be afraid, because in my experience with clients, families almost always respond more openly and support more than expected, “he explained.

Layered Talks
In the process, explaining your partner and your relationship with the family will take quite a long time and might trigger layered conversations. This was also said by Li, where, it is related to your long-term future, so it requires a lot of conversation.

“Even though it takes up time, this might also be useful for honing one’s ability to maintain healthy relationships, such as keeping language polite and avoid carelessly judging people’s character,” he said.

In addition, open communication is not only important to have with your family, but also with your partner. This will also affect the smoothness of your conversation with your family, where, you need support and affection from your partner, so that the results obtained will not disappoint. For this reason, it is very important to get the right and loving partner, so that communication with parents runs smoothly. Well , for those of you who are in this situation, be brave, apply a few of these tips and have a good fight!


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