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These Are 5 Signs That You Are Away From You


Before dating, generally a person will first approach the person he likes. However, it’s not as easy as connecting with friends, this stage of approaching the person you like will be the most difficult and challenging stage for that person. The reason is, everyone tends to give a different sign to respond to the approach and feelings of related people.

From various approaches, one of the ways that many people do is contact them through chat exchanges on social media. As we know, communication through text messaging provides a wide variety of interpretations. So, it is not uncommon to make it difficult for us to know what is being meant by our interlocutors far away. However, from various ways someone responds to messages from people who approach him, in fact you can already know the meaning. Following this, reported by Elite Daily , there are several signs that indicate a negative response. This response is a sign that your crush is trying to refuse or even move away from you, Ladies. So, for those of you who are in the process of approaching, observe a few of these signs on your crush, let’s!

  1. Reply to an Old Message
    If your crush gives a chat reply in a very long time, it’s probably because he is trying to move away from you slowly, Ladies. Well , considering that not everyone is a fast reply message, this is just a sign that needs attention, not as a main sign. If he replies for a long time but doesn’t forget to say, “Sorry, the reply is long, the neem wells first,” means there is still a chance, Ladies.
  2. No question reply
    Not everyone is the type of person who likes to ask questions. However, usually when someone is attracted to someone else or something, he has a high curiosity, so that a question or counter question will slide. However, if he has got a question and does not reply to a question, then, this should be suspected as a sign that he does not want to follow up with you.
  3. Short Message Reply
    When you send text messages to your crush and receive short responses like “Yes”, “No”, “Cool”, etc., you need to consider it as a sign that he plans to stay away, even disappear. The reason is, when someone is interested in other people, he tends to reply to messages longer than just one or two words.
  4. Update Content on Social Media Before Replying to Messages
    Selecting and editing content that is then uploaded on social media is a fairly long process and requires a lot of consideration. Meanwhile, text messages ( chat ) are messages whose exchanges can be done in a short time. So, when someone prefers to post their content on social media rather than replying to your message, or he replies to your message after a long time posting his content on social media, then, it can be a sign that he is losing interest and trying to stay away from you.
  5. No Follow Up After First Meeting or Date
    After the first meeting or date, normally someone will send a message stating that he has a good time during the meeting with you. This message is generally sent after the meeting or a few days after. However, if he doesn’t follow up by sending messages or see you again, then, that means he plans to disappear, Ladies.

Well , from the various reviews above, have you ever experienced it, Ladies? If there is, you need to remember, this sign is not a sure sign. You need to recognize your crush habits in the people around him, the article, it could be one of these signs is indeed a daily habit. Therefore, when you experience one or two of these signs, it helps you immediately ask directly about what you are experiencing. Because open communication is the best way to ensure that you are in the same direction as him. Don’t get a misunderstanding until you lose him, O Ladies!


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