Strengthen Your Friendship Rope In These Five Ways

Ladies, friendship is not only beneficial for your social life, you know, but also has a good impact on your physical and mental health. A study in Australia shows that a strong network of friends can extend one’s survival. Its influence is even greater than family members! No wonder, because sometimes we are even more open to friends than family members. Really?

According to the author, Edna Buchanon, this is because, friends are the family we choose for ourselves. This makes the bond that is built from friendship will be very big influence on us. However, as with human relationships in general, very close friendships can stretch and even disappear in times of vulnerability.

The closer to someone, the more emotions and behaviors you will exchange with him. You will be far more reactive about everything about your friends, both related to positive and negative things. The words that arise from you will also greatly affect your relationship. Well , on the one hand this is very good for your relationship with him, but on the other hand, this can also be the seeds of the destruction of your friendship, Ladies. However, the closer your friendship is, the more you will understand each other. To that end, here are reported from PsychologyToday there are several ways that you can apply to strengthen your friendship rope, Ladies. Check this out !

  1. Be honest
    Any relationship built on pretense will not be deep or lasting, Ladies. Because, a solid and strong relationship can only be built by honesty with each other. Not just one side, Ladies! Giving and receiving responses from people you trust is something that is very valuable. Sometimes when you are at that moment or ask and receive questions from your friends, the ego you have needs to be set aside. The reason is, having friends who can tell stories or give advice straightforwardly can help you get to know yourself better! In addition, maintaining honesty with each other can prevent you from being cynical when emotionally provoked.
  2. Be careful with Speech
    The more you know someone well, the more you know where their strengths and weaknesses are. So, you will know how to comfort him when he is sad, or how to make him hurt. For that, you need to be very careful when you are in a situation full of anger. Don’t let anger control you until you intentionally hurt it. Put your pride aside to improve the situation. Find a balance where you can convey what you think without judging it so that you can keep the trust between yourself and him. Don’t hesitate to apologize, O Ladies, and do it as soon as possible. Procrastination will only waste our precious time with which we don’t deserve to be wasted just for sadness and anger, right?
  3. Take Time and Show Your Affection
    Too comfortable with someone sometimes makes us forget to show gratitude for what he did, especially to friends. In fact, this is very important to show that your relationship is something special and valuable. For that, there is nothing wrong to show how dear and interested you are to your best friend, don’t let him think that only he is struggling and the relationship is only centered on you, Ladies. Find time to play or go for a walk together, or maybe express your feelings simply like saying sweet words or giving a surprise moment for his birthday. Whatever you do, make sure he knows the expression of your affections, you know!
  4. Over-hope and Make Your Own Assumptions
    Quite often when we get close to someone, we will start to expect something from that person, and often the reality makes both parties hurt and disappointed. This not only applies to couples, but also very likely to occur in friendship. This can happen when expressing affection for one another that is not in line with expectations, or when one party makes a mistake. Because everyone’s expression is different, a potential misunderstanding can occur in a relationship. For that, it never hurts to appreciate and accept the good intentions of your friend in his way. If, you don’t like this method, honest and loving conversation will help you both understand each other.
  5. Protect Against Cynicism
    In living a relationship, the very important thing to remember is to do what’s right rather than be right. The more you get to know someone, their worst trait is no longer a secret. This can make it easier for you to be cynical about the negative aspects of their personality. Well , rather than behaving cynically, a friendship is stronger built by protecting one another and giving love. The more straightforward without being cynical and showing affection will improve the quality of yourself as a good friend to your best friend, Ladies.

Australian nurse Bronnie Ware in her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying , writes, not maintaining friendship is one of the greatest regrets of someone facing death. The reason is, friends are an important part of life that gives meaning and satisfaction to our lives. The presence of friends will also affect self-development and potential throughout our lives. So, no wonder friends are positioned as something that is very meaningful in our lives. So , don’t lose your precious friend, ladies.

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