Stop Overthinking And Start Living Your Life

Ladies, are you an overanalyzing person? For example, the person you appraised suddenly WA and you immediately thought. Or accidentally touched your hand? Seeing you? Or do something that has a lot of meaning. Then you immediately think “Lest we really match …” Then what? What? For most of us, this is an overanalyzing situation. Check everything they say, their body language, or read the message sent by him repeatedly to try to understand its meaning.

I know, I did that too. It turned out that everything I did was included in the overthinking category, Ladies. I thought too much about signals and read what might be true, what might have happened, even though in reality nothing happened. I know you like that too? Nope? Sometimes? A little? Come on, accompany me.

It turns out that too much overthinking or overanalyzing a situation can adversely affect our lives personally, Ladies.
Our energy is depleted, our actual time can be done for more useful things, it is used up for something that does not necessarily happen. The best thing to do is to not think about anything: being neutral and just “going with the flow” as most people do. I know it is difficult to do. But when you are able to rid yourself of thoughts about what is possible and impossible to happen from an event, it will be easier to face life and be a chill person.

It may sound trite, but believe me, it’s easier to see things as they are, not how things will turn out. Let’s take an example, suppose your friend says he has to go home because of fatigue. Do you immediately believe the reason or just think he might just be angry with you? Which one is that? Does the tone of his voice indicate anything? Sometimes it’s better to just let things go and focus on just going through your day. What if the message is delivered via SMS or WA or Line? How can you analyze what really happened? Unless you really already know him or you have a strong instinct how he will deliver it directly. If it turns out you don’t really know you better ask what it really means.

Like a sentence that says “don’t sweat the small stuff.”
There are many other better things you can do in your day than lingering about what someone is saying. At least not every time, if sometimes it’s still not a problem. Especially the words of people you barely know.

As in this article. The title is ” Don’t Let Technology Disrupt Real Life Relationships “. It explains everything that is said through technology must be easily said directly. So, sending an SMS is actually a failure to communicate. Except it’s just a few short messages like telling someone about a plan you want to meet with your friend for coffee. If not, it will be very easy to overly analyze and wonder the purpose of the message, because the words do not contain a delivery tone. Because there are no tones from the word, it is not easy to parse the meaning of those words. So it’s good not to over -inking something you don’t understand either. It would be wise to be asked directly the intention of the person, and reduce unnecessary anxieties.

Because we are too busy worrying, we miss what really happened. By learning to let go and move on with life, our lives will be easier because there is less confusion and unnecessary pain. It’s better not to worry for little things and live life with more confidence and optimism. By instilling that mindset, then believe, your Ladies will be stronger and more independent in life and everything looks brighter!

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