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Simple Ways To Build Strong Friendship


A strong friendship does not build on its own. Good friendships always begin with an effort from both parties to complement and accept each other. Of course it’s not just mutual fun and spending lots of things together. More than that, good friendship is an effort to look after one another and pay attention.

To help you get strong friendships, here are some simple things you should do according to BuzzFeed.

  1. Self-introspection whether you dominate the conversation in friendships
    Try to remember again, if you have been talking too much in most of the friends you live. Be careful, too much talking can make you a bad listener and potentially make your friends reluctant to talk to you. Try to reduce your dominance and balance between talking and listening to your friends.
  2. Don’t ignore the things your friends want to talk about, even if you’re not too interested
    Whether it’s about complaints, fatigue, new hobbies, problems at work, always try to listen to your friends’ hearts. Nothing is “too small” to talk about if your friend is talking about it. Listen and try to understand. If it is felt your friend does not really need a response, try not to respond to it, but listen to his heart. Because, oftentimes we just need to be heard and understood, not to respond especially if your response actually worsens the mood.
  3. Reflect on the friendship that you have lived
    After you do a little reflection, it should be clear what changes or improvements need to be done. Quoting from BuzzFeed Health , Andrea Bonior, clinical psychologist and author of Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories, and How They Inform Your WorldTell me what you should consider, Ladies. “These are some good questions to get started: Do you feel that friendship is balanced? Do you want to spend time with this person? Do you feel you can be yourself around them? Have you expressed appreciation for this person and their friendship lately? Do you know what happened in their lives? Do you want to be friends with yourself based on how you act in this friendship? “

These questions will be very helpful to see how the friendship that you are making a positive contribution to your life or actually gives negative energy that you should not need.

  1. Be honest with yourself and say if you can’t be a good friend
    Surely you also want to do something to change your behavior, right? But sometimes acknowledging that we can’t be good friends is quite difficult. Admitting that can be a great way to validate whatever feelings your friend might face, you know.
  2. Give each other space
    Having space in friendship is very important. Good friendships can turn into disaster when you have to meet every day, even every time. Try to make room for your friendship and let each of you hang out with other friends, and not hold on to you all the time. That will really support your friendship ties and also help strengthen your friendship relationships, you know.


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