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Reduce The Stress Of Preparing Your Marriage In These 5 Methods


Taking care of the planning to direct preparation for your wedding will indeed take a lot of time and energy, it can even stress you out. Considering that day will be an important moment in your life, surely you will work very hard in its preparation. Starting from preparing an invitation list, renting a place, managing the decorations, and of course someone you will marry. However, with the rigors of the preparation process, of course you do not want on the D-day you actually are in a state of exhaustion and excessive stress, right? Therefore, as reported by Elitedaily , here are some tips that can help you plan your wedding preparations, Ladies. Surely it will reduce your stress level, so you can enjoy your wedding calmly.

  1. Rent a Wedding Planner

Hiring the services of a wedding planner or wedding organizer (WO) can be one option that you can consider to reduce your stress burden in preparing for your wedding, Ladies. Blackbag Productions founder, Kim Moss, said that the professionals who work in the wedding planner will manage your wedding well so you can rest easy on your important day. “This is an assignment where professionals are paid. They will give something that relieves stress and gives extraordinary results, “he explained.

In line with Moss, the founder of Elegant Occasions, JoAnn Gregoli, told Elite Daily that this service is needed especially if you are going to have a wedding at home. According to him, the professionals will carry out detailed planning, from the main event, to details such as garbage disposal, septic locations, sprinkler counters , and others.

  1. Choose the Right Date
    Considering the lengthy preparations, it will be more soothing if you choose a wedding date far enough from your engagement date. That was also said by Bravo Production founder Greg Jenkins. According to him, a wedding date that is far enough will not only finalize the preparations made, but also maintain your sleep patterns without losing it for months. “For those who believe the best work must be done under stress and stress, marriage is not an opportunity to test the theory,” he said. This long enough period can also reduce anxiety and stress levels in the body, so you can work more optimally.
  2. Adjust the Budget

Most people want a luxurious wedding because this is one of the most important happy moments in his life, he wants to make the best memories. However, you need to adjust it to the budget that you and your partner have, Ladies. Surely you don’t want to end up having no money even in debt after your wedding day, right? Financial adjustment with the concept of marriage is often complicated. However, this should be noted carefully, Ladies. The reason is, there could be a number of things in a luxury wedding package that you don’t really need in your wedding concept. According to the expert, making adjustments to the budget and reality in detail and is believed to be able to reduce the level of process stress and post-marriage, Ladies.

  1. Don’t Compare Your Marriage with Others
    One powerful driver that triggers someone who is about to get married is comparing his marriage plans with someone else’s marriage. Therefore, Moss stated, when preparing for a wedding, you need to remember that this is your important moment, not someone else’s. So, no need to compare or even equate with others. “Marriage reflects who you two are and is not a description of what you think marriage should be,” he said. This process will indeed be difficult above, given the many images of other people’s marriages that you see directly or via social media. However, in the end, the most important thing in a marriage is to show honestly who you two are because this will also help those invited to feel familiar and getting to know you two.
  2. Be Honest To Family Members

Family members are some who will play a big role in your marriage, not only on the D-day, but also in preparation. Not infrequently family members will involve themselves directly in your wedding planning, even changing the entire wedding plan that you have prepared. Despite good intentions, this often makes you even more stressed.

“One of the biggest mistakes in wedding planning is having too many opinions involved in the decision making process. When mothers, fathers, grandmothers, siblings, aunts, in-laws say their wishes, this will become more complicated and create great stress for the bride and groom, “Moss explained.

If you are in this situation, the best step you can take for mutual comfort is to respect each of these opinions and be honest about your wedding plans, or perhaps discuss them by prioritizing the plans you have prepared. Although this will be difficult to do, however, it is important to do, considering this is an important moment in your life.

In addition to providing happiness, marriage can also be a source of stress for many people, especially in planning a wedding. Even so, do not let this process stress you out even to undo your marriage. By applying some of the tips above, it is possible you can enjoy a pleasant and soothing wedding celebration experience, Ladies.


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