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Recommended Romantic Dating In The Morning


Most couples date when it is late afternoon or evening. They walked to various tourist attractions to hang out at night in a cafe eating a romantic dinner together. However, there are not many people who can hold their longing to meet their loved ones and decide to get up early and spend time with them since morning.

For this type of person, time with a partner is very meaningful. As relationship experts and ex-sociologists say in dating applications such as Tinder and Bumble, Jessica Carbino, time is considered an important element in maintaining relationships. “We must be able to maintain, play and feel connected to maintain healthy and meaningful connections with our partners. All of which require quite high time together, “he explained.

However, given the romantic relationship built by two people, it is important to decide together the frequency and the right time to date. As suggested by a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Chicago, Roxy Zarrabi, you can schedule a date in advance. That way, you can avoid the time set aside to be with your partner from disrupting the daily activities of both parties. “In addition, waiting for the planned dating schedule can trigger excitement that can improve mood,” he said. Well, for those of you who want to try doing a morning date but are still confused about what to do with your partner, here are some activities you can try. Hopefully it can add a romantic and pleasant atmosphere with him, Ladies.

Cook breakfast

To strengthen the relationship between two people, cooking food together is one quite effective way. Certified life coach and founder of Spark MatchMaking, Michelle Fraley, stated cooking together was a great way to start the day. In addition you can also try new recipes or just enjoy food together. “Through this activity, you not only spend time together, but also increase teamwork and have a good impact on the rest of your day,” he explained.

Streamlining Endorphins
Joint sports can also be an option, Ladies. “Walking and exercising generally revitalize and lead to the release of positive hormones,” Carbino said. The main benefit is of course to keep the body fit and improve mood. In addition, exercise also expedites the flow of endorphins in the body.

Watch Morning Movies

Because the cinema isn’t open in the morning, you can watch morning shows on TV together or watch movies on the streaming service, Ladies. Watching together is believed to strengthen the relationship between two people who love each other. So , what are you waiting for, immediately make popcorn or other food, sit on the couch, and watch your favorite movie together!

Exchange Positive Words with Couples
Although it looks simple but amused, but this activity is quite important, you know, to be done with a partner. Getting a positive word, plus the word spoken by a loved one, will have a great effect for the rest of your day and your bond with it. If it’s hard to praise your partner directly, according to relationship coach Danielle Robin, you can start by saying 10 gratitude for her presence and actions towards you. Do not forget to do it by sitting face to face and making eye contact because this can maximize the effects produced on both sides.

Physical intimacy

Intimacy in this matter is not always related to sexual activity, you know! Physical intimacy can also be demonstrated by giving a massage when one partner is tired. Or you can also hug to show affection. According to Fraley, this activity is very appropriate to do in the morning. Because, morning is a free and quiet time, so it becomes the right time to pamper each other so that they can survive the various activities of the day that make yourself stressed.

From the above review, the most important thing to remember when dating in the morning is to treat this activity as a form of respecting time together and as an effort to give each other a positive effect on each of them to deal with activities of the day. In other words, avoid the thought of placing morning dates as demands or burdens that must be met like work. For that, take the night before to tell each other how much you look forward to your date the next morning. So that the results obtained are in line with expectations.


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