Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches from Home

This insect is really not, ladies. Especially if you already fly … Wow, really horror, to make it traumatic hihi. You may often hunt for cockroaches with mosquito spray or with a hit like a broom stick and various objects that were near you when the cockroach appeared.

For those of you who don’t want mosquito spray residue to stick to the furniture of the house, or avoid the contents of cockroaches that come out from being hit, the following natural ways you can try to get rid of cockroaches. C’mon, pay attention, Ladies!

  1. Clean your residence as clean as possible
    Make sure there are no leftovers in every corner of the house. Pay attention to the crumbs or leftover small food you eat, because these small crumbs are cockroach’s favorite foods, especially if the leftovers are greasy.

Before going to bed, make sure the table after you eat is clean, the area around the stove is also clean from the remnants of cooking, and do not leave the dishes not washed in the sink. Calculate exercise after eating.

  1. Close the gaps and holes
    Cockroach body is small enough to roam in the cracks, especially in the junction between the surface of the table or cabinet and other home furniture with the wall. Make sure there are no gaps or holes that can be a way for insects to roam. It might take a long time and more than a day to do it but worth it you know, Ladies.
  2. Repair the leaking pipe
    Cockroaches are attracted to the humid atmosphere and water that drips from a leaking pipe or sink faucet that is not perfectly closed. Therefore you often find them in the bathroom and under the sink and when it rains.

Cockroaches can survive for months without food, but they only last a few days if without water. Looks like a human, ladies. Repair leaking waterways and don’t over-water the plants indoors. As much as possible do not get stagnant water huh.

  1. Create your own cockroach killer bait!
    It turns out it’s easy if you want to make your own cockroach bait at home. Mix boric acid with sugar with a ratio of boric acid and sugar which is 3: 1. Sugar will attract cockroaches while boric acid will kill them. Put it in a place that is often visited by cockroaches such as the back of the refrigerator, stove, sink, bottom of the sink, and cracks around the house. But be careful, ladies, especially for those of you who have small children at home. Although boric acid does not endanger human lives, but this substance can cause irritation.
  2. Make your residence as cold as possible
    Besides damp places, cockroaches like hot weather. At that time they will come out and enjoy the sunny weather. Their chances of flying have also increased, Ladies. So as much as possible keep your room cool huh.
  3. Call the experts
    Despite trying, there are some things that we really need to leave to the experts. If the problem of cockroaches and their friends is too much for you to endure, it’s time for you to call the pest control to drive them away now (and maybe) forever.

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