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Managing Conflict In A Relationship With Humor


Laughter is the best medicine in life, aren’t you Ladies? By laughing, our stress can be reduced, our mood becomes more positive, and our minds will also become clear and calm, you know. Especially in a relationship, laughter is really very necessary to maintain harmony.

What is the connection between laughter and relationship harmony? So, apparently humor can be an effective tool for dealing with conflicts in your relationship with your partner, ladies. Not only to attract attention, humor in a relationship can overcome the awkwardness that arises during the process of getting to know each other. As for couples who have long been in a relationship, humor can make things interesting, fresh, and more uplifting. It can also help you overcome conflicts, disagreements, and small annoyances that accumulate over time and potentially destroy your bonds.

When conflicts and differences of opinion cause big problems in your relationship with your partner, humor and fun can help relieve tension and restore emotional ties between you and your partner, Ladies. If used well, a little humor can quickly turn conflict, and tension into opportunities for mutual pleasure and intimacy. This allows you to convey intentions in the heart without having to hurt your partner’s feelings, you know.

Here are tips you can do to resolve conflicts in relationships using humor or jokes.

  1. Make sure you two are in a calm atmosphere and can accept jokes

Humor can only help you deal with conflicts when both parties are in an atmosphere or joking situation. It’s important to be sensitive to other people, ladies. If your partner tends not to appreciate the joke, don’t say or do it, when the joke is only one-sided, instead of solving the problem, it actually damages the relationship.

  1. Don’t use humor to cover up other emotions

Humor helps you stay tough in facing life’s challenges. But there are times when humor also becomes unhealthy when you use it to cover up emotions, avoid painful things, and not use them to overcome them. Laughter is a form of disguise for feelings of hurt, fear, anger, and disappointment when you do not know how to express it.

That’s right, ladies, covering up the truth isn’t funny. You will be stuck in your problems behind the laughter and humor that you create that would make humor in your relationship unhealthy and very potentially increasingly damage the harmony of relationships with your partner.

  1. Develop a smarter sense of humor

If you feel uncomfortable making light or joking fun, or having difficulty knowing what is appropriate in the situation you are dealing with, maybe you can start by using humor that is a little flopping yourself first. It’s okay Ladies, this is just a lighter.

We all love people who don’t take themselves too seriously and are able to make fun of their own failures. After all, we are all not perfect and certainly never make mistakes. Once you feel comfortable making jokes about yourself, you can expand your range to include other types of humor that appeal to your partner.

  1. Take advantage of the humorous side in you

Taking advantage of the fun in us is important, ladies. Rejection or ridicule when trying to humor is an understandable fear, but it is important to show that you don’t have to be a comedian to use humor as a tool for managing conflict. The point is not to impress or entertain others, but only to lighten the mood and relieve tension. So, don’t be afraid to act silly or like a child. This can reduce the defenses of others, leaving you and your partner in a more positive state of mind that is conducive to smoothing out differences.


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