Here Is The Most Appropriate Way To Use A Refrigerator

Ladies surely know about this one thing right? Refrigerator is a versatile object that must be at home. You need to know how to use it so that your food does not rot quickly also saves your expenses. We share the discussion according to each part of the refrigerator. Come on, Ladies, just watch it below!

This is the place if you want to freeze food. Starting from ice, fruit, vegetables, meat, and various other ingredients. The thing to remember is that every object stored in the freezer must be in a tightly closed container. Use plastic containers or special plastic bags for freezers. Avoid using glass jar containers because they break easily in cold temperatures.

  1. Doors (refrigerator door)
    The side of the refrigerator door is the warmest part in the refrigerator so place food that is not easily damaged here. Foodstuffs such as seasonings, juices, and various ingredients which are not susceptible to temperature changes are prioritized here. So don’t put eggs and milk here, ladies, because these two ingredients are vulnerable to damage.
  2. Upper Shelves (top drawer at the bottom)
    This part is the most consistent temperature. The tip is to place ingredients that don’t need to be cooked again in this section. Ingredients such as left-side dishes, drinks, and fast food are preferred here.
  3. Lower Shelves (middle part)
    This section is the best part for storing raw meat, eggs, seafood , and various dairy products because it has the coldest temperatures. You need to make a special part for meat because this material easily contaminates the others.

One more, Ladies, don’t cram everything in the fridge. Unlike the freezer which is better in full condition, the refrigerator needs air circulation and if it does not flow properly there will be warm parts in the refrigerator. You don’t want to find your milk or yogurt warm?

  1. Crisper (bottom drawer)
    This section is designed to keep the moisture from fruits and vegetables. But not all fruits and vegetables are suitable to be stored here ladies. First separate fruit and vegetables. Next wash the fruits and vegetables only if they want to be consumed. But you can wash it before saving Ladies. But make sure the fruits and vegetables are not too moist by drying them first with a cloth or you can put them briefly at the top of the refrigerator.
  2. On Top (Place above the refrigerator)
    To keep cold air inside, warm air is thrown out. The part above the refrigerator is the warm part because of that. Avoid putting food in this area because it will rot quickly. You can use it to dry fruits and vegetables for a moment, dry a cloth, or put a recipe book.

Come on, Ladies, take your time to tidy up and clean the fridge too.

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