Feeling Single Although Even Got A Boyfriend, Maybe This Is The Reason!

When single we often think of the pleasure of having a partner or boyfriend huh, Ladies. There is attention almost every time, to wherever you go, and other fun things. However, there are cases where someone feels single, even though he has a girlfriend. How could you, feeling single even though someone already has one? This is natural, you know. This is most likely the reason.

The main thing that became the reason was the lack of getting the attention of the couple. It could be because your girlfriend is the type of person who is ignorant. We as women want to get your full attention, whether your girlfriend is the type of person who is ignorant or has a busy schedule that is so dense, you become unemployed. This often happens, and many end up breaking up. Try to talk carefully to find a middle ground so that no party feels neglected, Ladies.

The second reason is that it comes from yourself that you don’t really love it. It could be that, you are in a relationship with him merely not wanting to be single. Or it could be because of the social pressure around you. Because there is no other choice, even fake love you do. Don’t be like this, ladies. Hurting other people’s feelings is not allowed.

You don’t see the future with him

The end of courtship, of course, which is expected is to step into a more serious level. However, after every day that you live with and feel you have no bright or clear future, the feeling of being single can be felt. You try other opportunities that might be taken to more serious ones. So from that Ladies, clarify in advance the direction you are in a relationship.

Mounted disappointment

Once, twice, three times and keep repeating the same mistakes, it will build up disappointment. And this is what sometimes makes the relationship bland. The coveted future is vanished. You who used to love him so much now have felt the need to find another figure. Be careful, ladies.

The name is also a love story, there are always wounds and sorrows in it. All of that has become a complementary part of happiness. And if all this time you get disappointment and emptiness, it’s good to rethink your future with him. Don’t continue your relationship out of pity. If you just feel sorry for him, how could you not feel sorry for yourself?

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