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Be Careful Ladies, These 8 Habits Can Destroy Your Relationship


Smooth communication patterns and freedom of expression in front of your partner is fun, right? This is no doubt a hope of many people in a relationship, even seen as a dream relationship. The closer the relationship with someone, habits themselves will gradually be revealed to the couple. However, Ladies, not all of our habits can be accepted by a partner, you know, it can even make them decide to leave. So, to avoid that, the following was reported from Bright Side , there are some habits that you need to avoid when you are together with your partner, Ladies. Fear, this habit can destroy your relationship later.

  1. Always criticize yourself
    Quite often people criticize themselves, especially those related to deficiencies in their body appearance. Things that could actually be not realized or ignored by your partner, as the magnitude of this problem for you. Once or twice asking questions related to your appearance with your partner with the aim of reflecting on yourself, is still considered reasonable. However, if you have very often discussed these shortcomings with your partner, this will be a trap for him, and this has the potential to make him further away from you. So , you should avoid this habit, Ladies.
  2. Judging Others Often
    Well , even if you don’t directly judge your partner, this habit can negatively affect your relationship. When a person’s mood is often disturbed, sooner or later it will change the flow of relationships. The reason is, listening to someone’s whining all the time can be annoying.
  3. Become a Perfect Partner

Although well intentioned, however, trying to be a perfect partner, over time can turn into a trap for yourself and your partner. The reason is, to be a perfect partner, you have to show your best side all the time, make yourself confined because you can’t express yourself freely, it can even lead to resentment of your partner unconsciously. So , instead of using a mask as a ‘perfect partner’ in the eyes of your partner who tends to be a lie, it would be better to be an open and honest person but still maintain each other’s feelings in a relationship.

  1. Look for the Gap of Lies Every Time
    Excessive suspicion can cause your partner to feel tired and angry because they feel he is not trusted. Over time, he will feel discomfort because his movements are always monitored. It’s hard to live with someone who doesn’t trust him and always accuses him of lying to his partner. This of course, will soon lead to the destruction of the relationship itself.
  2. Control Everything
    One important thing to remember in building a relationship is that the relationship is built by two individuals, each of whom is an individual who has his or her own life. When these two individuals decide to be together, it does not mean that one of them can control the other’s life. By controlling one’s life, it means that the person not only does not trust his partner, but also does not respect his partner as a human, autonomous individual who has his own life.
  3. Comparing Your Partner

Actually, compared to not trusting their partner, this habit actually shows a lack of self-confidence of a person towards themselves. He waits for his partner to make sure he has everything perfect. However, this sooner or later can make a couple feel bored and tired, even hurt because of everything they do compared to someone who can do the same thing more perfectly. So , instead of comparing yourself or your partner with others to be the ‘perfect’, it’s better to focus on what can make your partner and yourself happy.

  1. Choose the code instead of stating directly
    Relationships that are built on the basis of mutual coding will not work pleasantly. Because, both parties will continue to provide a code related to their desires without clearly telling what is actually meant, so that it does not rule out misunderstandings will often occur. The attitude of giving code without stating directly can mean he does not want to take full responsibility for what he says, because those words will be easily broken by avoiding that he did not mean it when he felt attacked for what he was trying to say through the code. If you and your partner do this often, do not hope that you will always understand and understand each other’s intentions, Ladies.
  2. Leverage Past Mistakes
    As you continue to remember and bring up the mistakes that were discussed earlier, instead of leading to self-reflection, your relationship will face a rift. Problems are considered to have been resolved when they have found a solution at that time and both feel they have finished. However, when someone brings up the problem again in the future, then, it means the previous problem is not considered over and this will adversely affect the future of your relationship.


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