9 Signs That Your Friendship Claps One Hand

Not just a love affair, Ladies, friendship can also be unrequited. Maybe you consider him your best friend, but you may not be their best friend and only considered an acquaintance. You are willing to do anything and always help him if he needs it, while he comes and goes in your life as they please. Usually there are signs, Ladies. Instead of grieving later on, recognize the signs, Ladies.

  1. Only You Make a Plan When You Want to Hang Out
    There are some people who really don’t call first. But if they never make an appointment and you always make a plan, maybe your friendship is one-sided.
  2. You often help her, but she rarely helps you
    He makes you help him move but when you ask him to come back he is often unwilling and disappears.
  3. You Are Like His Personal Therapist
    They always come when they need advice and advice just like consulting a therapist. But has he ever done the same when you needed a listener? This is a sign that your friendship is one-sided.
  4. You’re even tired after meeting him
    Meeting with friends should make your mood good, but meeting with him instead drains emotions and makes you tired. Is this what friendship is?
  5. They Don’t Consider Your Time Is Precious
    He is often late for hours when you are always on time when you guys are pledging? Even when you meet, he only talks about himself. How selfish are you, ladies? He seems not to care how you are. You should reconsider your friendship.
  6. You Feel Your Friendship On Obligations
    You already know him from kindergarten. There is a feeling of guilt when thinking to stop being friends with him. Friendship should be fun, not like work that you must do.
  7. He Doesn’t Participate in Celebrating Your Success
    They were absent and disappeared when your promotion party but you were asked to attend the celebration of 1,000 of his Instagram followers? Hahaha that’s just an example, ladies. If you often experience the same thing, duh Ladies, think again if you are indeed friends.
  8. He Hides Secrets from You
    You always confide in him but he never tells you back? This is a sign that they are hiding something. As friends you should be able to be honest with each other especially if there are problems. If this happens, try asking Ladies what is the reason he behaves like that.
  9. He Never Paid You Back
    You must often eat together and one of you bails first. Do you often bail out first but your best friend never pays the debt without a clear reason? Now this is a sign that you should be aware of too, Ladies. You should start questioning this Ladies if you want your friendship to continue.

Not all relationships that you have long built are worth maintaining, Ladies. Of course you can try to talk about it first or also ask for help from others to become a mediator. But if he doesn’t want to change, even though it really feels love and it’s really hard to take it off, just let it go, Ladies. Put yourself first.

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