7 Signs That Your Relationship Will Not Continue To Marriage

Some people dream of marriage as their happy ending. If you are thinking whether your current relationship will continue to the level of marriage, the following signs you need to pay attention to Ladies

  1. You believe marriage will make your life better
    If you believe that, then you will be a burden to your partner. A good marriage is to marry someone who can be a partner, not as a child who must be taken care of. Before discussing further levels, it would be better if you and your partner have an independent and mature mindset first.
  2. Your boyfriend doesn’t like to use “us”
    Does he say “I can’t wait for my vacation later” or “I can’t wait for our vacation later”? it’s important to see if he uses the pronouns “me” or “us” when talking about the future. If he rarely uses the word “we”, it means he does not see yourself together in the future.
  3. You are stuck in the same routine

Life does tend to be a recurring routine. It is important for you and him to want to try new things such as eating in a newly opened restaurant or traveling together to a new place. If you or your partner does not try to try new things in your relationship, there is a possibility that your relationship will not continue to the level of marriage.

  1. Many times you have broken up then dating again
    You fight a lot, break up, then reconcile, fight again, and the process continues. If you don’t stop this cycle, it will be difficult to get a peaceful marriage from conflict
  2. The he emits a negative aura
    If your partner routinely experiences mood swings and is unhappy almost every time, maybe your partner is experiencing a crisis of self-confidence. Before this problem is solved, your relationship will be difficult to continue to the next level.
  3. He always wants to stay in contact with you

If your girlfriend is too possessive and doesn’t want to lose contact with you, this is a sign that your partner is insecure and not confident in your relationship. A healthy relationship has an element of confidence and gives confidence in your relationship to your partner even if you are not together.

  1. You have been together for a long time but have never discussed your life principles
    For those who are getting married, the principles and future life plans are important things that need to be discussed with their partners. Surely Ladies want a lasting marriage to death separate, is not it?

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